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Conservatory Cooling Films

Is your conservatory too much of a hot house!

See the advantages of protective window films over conventional roof blinds:

  • Reduces internal heat
  • Creates privacy
  • Holds glass together in the unfortunate event of a smash
  • Safety films upgrade existing glass to BS6206
  • Full Manufacture's Guarantee

Benefits of Solaire Window Films in more depth:

Efficiency Assured

The Solar Screen tinting films we use reject up to 73% of the sun’s heat and energy, preventing your conservatory from heating up as quickly as it normally would.

Interiors Furniture

The sun’s ultraviolet rays and solar heat are responsible for over half the damage your furniture will suffer during its lifetime. The Solar Screen film we use rejects 80% of the harmful UV rays plus a significant amount of solar energy. This all helps keep your furniture interior looking newer for longer and helps it maintain a higher market value.

Increased Safety and Security

The application of Clear 4 or Clear 7 Crystal Anti Fragmentation film provides extra protection from smashed glass. The films are applied to the inside of the window to hold any glass shards together.

Privacy & Aesthetic Benefits

Some of the film that we install can give the added benefit that people can see out, but not in offering complete privacy. In addition the Solar Screen films improve the exterior appearance of the conservatory.

Scratch Resistant & Immune to Bubbles

The Solar Screen films used are scratch resistant and do not fade, peel or bubble like other films. In addition Solaire Performance film offer a full guarantee on all tinting.


Our Window Tinting Films come with a full manufacture’s guarantee. This guarantee protects against any cracking, demetalization, peeling or bubbling of the film installed by Solaire Window Films. We will replace, free of charge, any film that is found to be faulty.

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Conservatory Window Films
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